Dr. Sadaty Women's Wellness Programs New York

Women’s Wellness Programs

Dr. Sadaty’s Medical Wellness Programs are medically-supervised health and wellness optimization programs that fall outside private medical insurance coverage. It is a private, education-based program that teaches you how to approach your health through the functional medicine paradigm. It is designed to promote healthier personal habits to achieve optimal health.

  • Medical care that is focused on identifying and eradicating the root cause of disease
  • Individualized treatment plans based on in-depth lab testing that can identify imbalances not detected by routine lab assessments
  • Preventive medical programs to suit your personal risk for disease development

Integrative Gynecology

Patients that have turned to this approach when conventional therapy was not helpful…

Integrative Gynecology


 »  What Is Integrative Gynecology?

Though formally trained as an MD specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, I have deepened and expanded my medical training to incorporate functional medicine healing practices…    
What Is Integrative Gynecology?

Healthy Pregnancy

Start a healthy lifestyle now to ensure the best for your new addition…

Unexplained Infertility


 »  Do You Really Have Unexplained infertility?

“Unexplained infertility” is a rapidly increasing diagnosis amongst couples who are unable to conceive. About 30% of couples will be diagnosed when routine testing can’t find a cause for why they can’t get pregnant…    
What Can You Do Now For A Healthy Pregnancy?

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Bio-identical hormones are designed to replicate the exact chemical structure of hormones that are naturally produced by our bodies…

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy


 »  What is Bio-identical hormone therapy?

Bio-identical hormone therapy was probably the most misunderstood concept to hit modern medicine in a long time: vilified and demonized by medical professionals and glorified and worshipped by media savvy patients — both parties unclear about what it means and what it is…    
What is Bio-identical hormone therapy?

Functional Medicine Programs

Functional Medicine provides individualized, personalized medical care that focuses on discovering the underlying factors that cause illness and uncomfortable symptoms…

Functional Medicine


 »  What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine looks to understand the root cause of disease and then treat the cause in order to remove the symptoms as opposed to alleviating symptoms without addressing the underlying problems…    
What is Functional Medicine?

Vaginal Laser Therapy

Painful intercourse? Excessive vaginal dryness? Recurrent vaginal infections? Urinary stress incontinence symptoms? Vaginal laxity and less tone?

Vaginal Laser Therapy


 »  Is Vaginal Laser Therapy Right For You?

Vaginal Laser Therapy offers a non-invasive solution to many vaginal conditions without significant risks of injury or trauma…    
What is Vaginal Laser Therapy?


Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina that can result in discharge, itching and pain…

Vaginitis Therapy


 »  What Is Vaginitis?

There are three main types of Vaginitis: Bacterial vaginosis, which results from a change of the normal bacteria found in your vagina to overgrowth of other organisms; Yeast infections, which are usually caused by a naturally occurring fungus called Candida albicans; and Trichomoniasis, caused by a parasite and is commonly transmitted by sexual intercourse…    
What is Vaginitis?