Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine provides individualized, personalized medical care that focuses on discovering the underlying factors that cause illness and uncomfortable symptoms.   We look to understand the root cause of disease and then treat the cause in order to remove the symptoms as opposed to alleviating symptoms without addressing the underlying problems.


How Do I Know If Functional Medicine Is Right For Me?

Functional Medicine Consultation New York

If You Answer Yes To Any The Following Questions, This Program Is For You!

  • Do you suffer from hormonally related symptoms such as fatigue, poor sleep, painful or erratic periods, mood imbalance, weight gain or menopausal symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats?
  • Are you struggling with fertility issues, repeated miscarriages or recurrent pregnancy complications?
  • Have you had high-risk pregnancies in the past and hope to reduce your future risk of having high-risk pregnancies in the future?

Why Not Feel Your Best?

Take Control Of Your Health!

» Have you been told that “everything is normal” – yet you are not feeling healthy or hormonally balanced?

» Have you been prescribed multiple medications to deal with your symptoms that continue to get worse, or are no longer responding to medications prescribed?

» Are you looking for a more natural approach to healing and well-being that will create long-lasting health?

Have you been disappointed with what conventional medicine has to offer you? Have you found unsatisfactory solutions to your hormonal needs or concerns?

» Are you looking for a more integrated, personalized approach to disease resolution and health optimization?

» Are you at risk for certain diseases and wish to prevent them from affecting your health?

Female Stress

Create Vitality and Wellness

Our Functional Medicine Programs are health optimization wellness programs.   We focus on creating health by determining the underlying cause of your symptoms and addressing these causes with personalized therapeutic prescriptions for nutrition, movement, sleep, stress reduction and medicinal therapies.

These programs are designed to correct the environmental, dietary and lifestyle stressors that are the cause of most chronic conditions and promote healthier personal habits to prevent disease, and allow healing.   By using nutrition, lifestyle modifications, natural supplementation and, if necessary, prescription medications, we support the body’s internal healing process to create health and vitality.

The 9 Key Components Of Our Functional Medicine Programs Are:

  • Anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense dietary recommendations individualized to your needs and physiology
  • Improved digestive function
  • Optimal hormone balance for adrenal, thyroid and ovarian function
  • Sugar and insulin balance
  • Emphasis on detoxification and disease prevention
  • Sleep Restoration
  • Stress Reduction techniques
  • Improved Energy and Metabolism
  • Recalibrating Mood Imbalance

What Should I Expect During A Functional Medicine Visit?

» Prior to enrolling in the program, you will schedule an initial THRIVE interview with Dr. Sadaty to assess your needs and goals and determine if the program is right for you.

» Once you enroll, we will have you fill out a detailed medical history, as well as a diet, exercise, sleep and stress survey, and a comprehensive medical symptom questionnaire.

» Based on your specific circumstances, you will be asked to perform specific functional-based lab testing that will provide information about your digestive function, hormone health, nutrient status or if required other specialized tests that are relevant to your particular situation.

Thrive Functional Medicine Evaluation Sheet

A personalized, customized treatment plan (also known as a Case Review) will be designed which includes:

  • A 30-90-minute consultation to review the steps of your wellness program
  • A detailed explanation of results from lab testing and how this relates to your symptom presentation
  • A personalized, healing nutrition plan to address your individual imbalances
  • Recommendations for movement and exercise that are appropriate for your current health condition
  • Sleep prescriptions and strategies to optimize restorative sleep
  • Medicinal supplements that include nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, medications or herbal formulas to address the underlying imbalances detected from the lab testing



What Is Involved?

  • First, you can schedule an initial interview THRIVE appointment with Dr. Sadaty to determine which specific approach is required to fully evaluate your situation.
  • Second, we use functional medicine testing to identify the underlying physiologic and hormonal imbalances not detected on routine laboratory assessments and collect detailed medical, personal and social history to help to create your personalized program.
  • Third, we schedule your 60-90-minute consultation to discuss the results of the testing, review your comprehensive, individualized wellness program specifically designed to address your specific symptoms and underlying imbalances.


Which Thrive Program
Is Right For Me?


The Thrive Comprehensive program or the Thrive Step-By-Step program.

THRIVE Comprehensive Program

A complete overview of your physiologic imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, digestive and hormonal functions. We determine from the beginning what the various issues are and can create a very comprehensive, precisely ordered approach to treating and eliminating the imbalances identified.

Includes the following assessment:

  • In depth questionnaire and comprehensive medical history intake
  • Diet, Exercise and Sleep assessment
  • 2 or 3 of the following basic functional lab assessments:
      —  Adrenal Stress Hormone Kit with or without Female Hormones
      —  Comprehensive Stool Analysis or GI Pathogen screen
      —  Breath testing for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (if needed)
      —  Organix profile for metabolic disorders
  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistries
      —  Thyroid panel
      —  Inflammatory markers
      —  Nutrient markers
      —  Blood panel
      —  Liver and kidney functions
      —  Autoimmune markers
      —  Female hormone levels
      —  Methylation markers

Thrive Step-By-Step Program:

A more limited step-wise approach to identifying the imbalances and designing a personalized wellness program that spans a longer time period. Does not identify all of the potential physiologic issues that may affect your health and well-being.

Includes the following assessment:

  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistries
      —  Inflammatory markers
      —  Nutrient markers
      —  Thyroid panel
      —  Liver and kidney functions
      —  Autoimmune markers
      —  Female hormone levels
      —  Methylation markers
  • If Desired, One Basic functional lab assessment:
      —  Adrenal Stress Hormone Kit with or without Female Hormones
      —  GI pathogen screen or CDSA screen or Breath testing
Summary of Program Costs:

  1. Lab Testing Fees (based on how many tests are needed)
  2. Lab Test Interpretation
  3. Physician Case review of forms, lab testing and protocol design
  4. Your actual Face to Face Time with the physician outlining your results and your personalized program prescription
Are Thrive Medical Programs Covered By Insurance?

The functional medicine model of care does not use a symptom-based approach to managing disease.   Our programs focus on optimizing wellness and identifying imbalances that undermine your health.   This integrative model of care incorporates extensive health history interviews and questionnaires, selective functional testing and the construction of highly individualized care plans.

Unfortunately, this type of preventive care and health optimization approach is not a covered service under private insurance plans and cannot be submitted for reimbursement.

Detailed Description of THRIVE Services and Fees

1. Functional Lab Testing fees:

  • Depending on your health insurance you may be reimbursed for laboratory assessments, although most functional lab work is NOT covered by standard health insurance.   Test costs range from between $125 to $350 each.
  • Most blood work should be completely covered by your insurance subject to your individual insurance policies and applicable deductible.
  • It is your responsibility to find out if you will be financially responsible for all testing that is ordered.

2. Interpretation fee for each lab test result

  • A nominal fee ($30) for time spent reviewing and interpreting each of the lab results.

3. Physician Case Review (Sequencing your program based on lab results, questionnaire assessment and creation of personalized plan of care program and patient-physician consultation time)

  • Review of all medical history, lab results, questionnaires and intake forms
  • Interpretation and explanation of results to the patient
  • Construction of personalized wellness program
  • Consultation appointment time face to face with the physician

4. Follow Up Appointments

  • These appointments are absolutely critical to monitoring your progress, completing the program outlines and to get the most out of your wellness program.
  • You are not meant to continue on supplements indefinitely and you will not be able to receive the profound benefits of the program without moving through the process carefully and with the appropriate guidance and supervision.
  • The number of follow-up appointments is entirely based on how quickly you respond to the program and how many issues are identified that need to be addressed to optimize your health and achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • I would expect minimum 1 follow-up visit but generally 3 to 4 is more common.


Physician Case Review Fees:

You will be billed for the actual length of time during direct consultation with Dr. Sadaty. Initial Appointment and Follow-Up Visit Fees:

  • 60 minutes $650
  • 45 minutes $500
  • 30 minutes $350
  • 15 minutes $250
  • Longer visits are pro-rated


» Phone and Skype Consultations are available upon request — billed at the above-listed rates.

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