Vaginal Laser Therapy

A quick, safe, and highly effective procedure for vaginal dryness, vaginal pain,
vaginal atrophy, recurrent vaginal infections and urinary stress incontinence


Is Vaginal Laser Therapy Right For You?

Change Your Life!

If you answer Yes! to any the following questions, then vaginal laser therapy is for you!

  • Do you suffer from vaginal pain with intercourse?
  • Do have have symptoms related to excessive vaginal dryness?
  • Do you suffer from recurrent vaginal infections?
  • Do you have urinary stress incontinence symptoms?
  • Do you notice vaginal laxity and less tone?
  • Do you have concerns regarding the use of vaginal estrogen therapy long term? Or are you NOT able to safely use vaginal estrogen — family history of breast cancer, breast cancer survivor yourself, or other estrogen related malignancies such as uterine or ovarian cancer?

If you answered yes to any of the above-listed questions, you should consider vaginal laser therapy to address your concerns.

Benefits Of Vaginal Laser Therapy

Laser Vaginal Tightening and Post Delivery Rehabilitation

Childbirth can result in a stretched pelvic floor that may be weakened from both carrying the pregnancy and vaginal delivery.  Laser Vaginal Therapy rehabilitates the entire vaginal area by reinforcing and toning vaginal tissue and restoring its strength and flexibility.


Urinary Stress Incontinence

Laser Vaginal Therapy can reduce or cure the loss of urine from mild to moderate Urinary Stress Incontinence.  Urinary Stress Incontinence is caused by lack of support to the urethra and is presented by the loss of urine when you cough, sneeze or exercise.  Studies have shown that Laser Vaginal Therapy can reduce or cure Urinary Stress Incontinence by improving vaginal laxity.

vaginal laser therapy machine

Vaginal Dryness and Recurrent Vaginal Infections

Dryness and recurrent vaginal infections are treated through the rejuvenation of the vulvo-vaginal tissue, which improves vaginal lubrication and normalizes vaginal pH and flora.  Laser Vaginal Therapy can also enhance the local immune system response and help eliminate chronic vaginal infections.

The treatments assist women suffering from stubborn and recurrent vaginal infections by restoring the mucosal lining and supporting the natural local immune system response in the vagina.


Vaginal Atrophy

In many cases, Laser Vaginal Therapy can be utilized for reversing Vaginal Atrophy. By altering and rearranging collagen fibers, Laser Vaginal Therapy can provide long-term reversal of the atrophic effects of aging on the vaginal walls, enabling the formation of elastin and better collagen formation. Laser Vaginal Therapy can also be employed for breast cancer survivors experiencing vaginal atrophy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does Vaginal Laser Therapy work?
A: The Vaginal Laser Probe features a 360° rotation to treat every area of the vaginal canal. There is no downtime and a minimal risk of infection.  The C0² laser produces a concentrated thermal heating of the vaginal tissue’s superficial layer stimulating Collage and Elastin regeneration. The collagen remodeling helps to improve tightness, firmness and natural lubrication to the vagina.
vaginal laser therapy stimulating Collage and Elastin regeneration
Q: Does it hurt?
A: Vaginal Laser Therapy is virtually painless, and no anesthesia or pain medications are needed when the procedure is performed.  There can be a sense of heat/warmth during the 5 minute procedure, but it can be achieved during a lunch hour, and you go back to work.
Q: How Long Does Vaginal Laser Therapy last?
A: Recent studies suggest the tightening and continence results are exhibited for one year. Vaginal Laser Therapy’s atrophic elasticity effects continue with no need for further treatments in most patients until 1 to 2 years later. It is recommended that the Vaginal Laser Therapy procedure be repeated about once a year to maintain optimal vaginal function and comfort.
vaginal laser treatment
Q: Are there any risks to the procedure?
A: Vaginal Laser Therapy offers a non-invasive solution to many vaginal conditions without significant risks of injury or trauma. The CO² laser only penetrates about 300 microns (or .03 mm) depth to avoid damaging deeper tissue or nerve endings.  here may be certain risks associated with discoloration of vaginal wall areas however, this is not something that can be detected by the patient or anyone else.

Femilift Vaginal Laser Therapy

The Femilift vaginal laser therapy is a quick, safe, and highly effective in-office procedure for vaginal pain, vaginal atrophy, dryness, recurrent vaginal infections, and urinary stress incontinence.