👉Tip#1:  Take Vitamin K2 each day to lower your blood pressure, smooth out your skin and reduce osteoporosis risk.

  • WARNING: Vitamin K2 is NOT the same as potassium (designated as a “K” in the periodic table).
  • What is it for? It is one of our fat-soluble vitamins involved in everything calcium. It has a role in heart health, blood pressure, calcium metabolism, bone and tooth health, skin elasticity (think anti-wrinkle), kidney stone prevention and reduced cancer risk.
  • Where do we get it from? We get some from meats, eggs, cheeses, but more so in certain leafy vegetables and fermented soy products that no one eats (like natto—it’s like the taste of the smelliest cheese that was left in a sweaty soccer cleat). Take home point: Vitamin K2 is not available from food in enough quantities to keep up a healthy level
  • Who needs it? Everyone needs it from cradle to grave but if you have osteoporosis, hypertension, dental issues, heart issues, skin wrinkles, or kidney stones — definitely bone up on this vitamin. Please take vitamin K2 during pregnancy and breast feeding so your kids don’t get crappy quality, crooked, crowded, need orthodontics teeth.
  • When to take it? Today I’m recommending it as a way of removing calcium from hardened arteries — why not make your blood vessels more flexible? This could help high blood pressure over time. If you take vitamin D you really must take K2. Otherwise the calcium you absorb will stick all over the place and not where you want it most — in the bones and teeth.
  • How much? Anyone can safely take between 200mcg to 1 mg a day safely without concern. Talk to your doctor if you are on blood thinners or other medications.

👉Tip #2: No time, patience, desire, motivation, or commitment to meditate? Do you get hives even thinking about trying it?  Here’s a shortcut for anyone.   If you can LISTEN to a song, you can get the benefits of meditating.  Check out this song by Marconi Union called “Weightless”.

  • We all know meditation is amazing for living longer, cognitive performance, stress relief, disease prevention and plain old happiness in life, but sitting with our thoughts can be like taking a selfie while looking DOWN at the camera – it’s just something you don’t want to do.  Take the work, skill and mystery out of it. Listen to the song “weightless” for 8 minutes maybe before you go to bed at night or during your commute (if you aren’t the driver) or just find 8 minutes to be in one place doing nothing.
  • Something about this song taps into certain brain wave frequencies that just get the job done – as if you meditated.  Give it a go and post your comments.  Some of you may HATE the song and that’s okay.  Well, not okay for YOU, but, you gave it a chance.  But if you are like a bunch of my patients, they found it super relaxing and balancing.  And who knows?  Maybe you’ll then be able to give meditation a go!!!

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