Share The Health - Drink More Water and Less Of Everything Else

By MaryAnn Jones CFHC and Deanna Durso CHC

It seems like everyone is looking for a way to snap themselves back from their quarantine indulgences and holiday hangovers. While you might be wishing for a magic bullet, we can offer a realistic solution that yields exponential results.

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The Vision: Get back on track and feel more in control of my choices

The Why: More energy and flatter belly so I feel more confident

Goal: Drink more water and less of everything else

Share The Health - Drink More Water


Do you want to look and feel more like a plum or a prune?

  • A PLUM, of course
  • Hydration is an important element to maintaining a strong immune system
  • Drinking enough water enables our organs to work more efficiently, helps you absorb the nutrients from your food, and flushes out inflammatory toxins
  • A hydrated body is more likely to get a restful night sleep, which has been linked less fatigue, better digestion and immunity
  • Dehydration can contribute to muscle tension, headaches, low serotonin production and digestive issues

How much water is enough?

  • Studies show that being even slightly dehydrated can increase stress hormones, which can tell our body to store fat and suppresses immunity
  • 1 in 5 doctor visits results in a diagnosis of dehydration! Think about how much time you can save by throwing back a just few extra glasses of water each day…
  • Consider drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day
  • Or simply start with 8 x 8 oz. glasses each day and see how you feel, your urine should be a light yellow color

Crowd out sugary and alcoholic beverages with water

  • Add a splash of 100% juice to water
  • Better yet, add fresh fruit like orange slices to water to add some excitement (…and nothing, and I do mean nothing adds pure, unbridled exhilaration like orange slices in water. Just WoW! —Ed.)
  • Replace soda with mineral water if you need a sparkle
  • Bring awareness to how much alcohol you are drinking, reduce and hydrate between drinks
  • Try a dry January!

Make hydration a habit

  • Create reminders to get you to your eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day
  • Start your day with eight loose rubber bands or a bangle around one wrist, each time you drink one cup of water move the rubber band to your opposite arm as a constant reminder of how much water you have had and how much you need to drink. Just remember which wrist is which…
  • Make a large pitcher of beautiful fruit infused water to visually trigger your motivation to hydrate

Fail to plan or plan to fail

  • Start your day with 16 oz. of water (or slowly work up to this goal)
  • Add a big squeeze of lemon and a smile
  • You are already 25% closer to you your goal!
  • Think about your day and when you can fit in additional water, perhaps between meals to help you avoid snacking

Now that you know how drinking more water and less of everything else can inspire your body to reset and thrive, what action are you ready to take? What obstacles do you foresee? How will you keep track of your progress?


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✓  Mark your calendars for a Group 10 Day Reset in January. More info to come!


Skinny Spice Apple Water

✚  Add a few organic apple slices and one cinnamon stick to 8 oz of water

Did You Know? ➔  Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar

Share The Health - Skinny Spice Apple Water Recipe

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