👉 Tip#1:   Does Cell Phone Use Cause Cancer

Nobody (including me) wants to go down this rabbit hole and acknowledge the potential health risks of cell phone use. But as 5G cell towers start popping up in your backyard with no scientific evidence proving exposure is safe for humans, we need to take our collective heads out of the sand and become as informed as possible. 

CELL PHONES USE NON-IONIZING FORMS OF RADIATION.  This is a type of low-energy electromagnetic radiation (EMF).  This isn’t as powerful as X-rays and CT scans, but it is capable of heating up electrons to move to a higher energy state.  Here are some examples of non-ionizing radiation:

  • UV light
  • Visible light
  • Infrared light
  • Microwaves
  • Radio waves
  • Very low frequency (VLF) or radio frequencies in the range of 3 to 30 kHz
  • Extremely low frequency (ELF) or radio frequencies in the range of 300 Hz to 3 kHz

NON-IONIZING RADIATION WAS THOUGHT TO NOT DAMAGE YOUR DNA, like X-rays and CT scans can.  Or atomic bombs.  But……

There is growing evidence that EMF can harm living organisms, even at frequencies below the accepted international and national guidelines.  

In 2011, an international study showed an increased risk of a malignant brain tumor among heavy cell phone users.  In response, the International Agency for Research on Cancer decided to classify EMF as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

In 2018 the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) released a pair of studies that looked at the effects of cell phone radiation on mice and rats. The studies showed evidence of different levels of cancer causing activity:

  • Higher doses led to increased cancerous masses, particularly brain tumors
  • Some evidence that exposure increased the incidence of various heart conditions, genetic damage and an increased rate of low birth weight in baby rats.

Scarier still is that these studies weren’t even looking at the effects of 4G or 5G. Also, the 2018 studies were not lifetime studies prompting some to suspect that even more disease would be detected were the studies conducted for longer periods of time.

Animal studies are by no means a replacement for human studies, but the bottom line is we need more data on cell phone use and its impact on human health than what is currently available.   

In my next tip, find out ways to start reducing your EMF exposure.  The fun just doesn’t stop on the 2 Tip Tuesday party bus……

👉 Tip #2:  How You Can Reduce Your Exposure to EMFs

THE FOLLOWING RECOMMENDATIONS ARE ANNOYING AND INCONVENIENT. Here is where the rubber meets the road. Where you put your money where your mouth is. You must start somewhere.

Some suggestions are annoying but doable.  Like coloring your hair. Or getting you teeth cleaned.

Others seem outrageous but certainly go much farther to protect you from radiation exposure.  Not quite like getting your gallbladder out without anesthesia, but possibly on par with passing a small sized kidney stone.

INTEGRATIVE PRACTITIONERS ARE SEEING MORE PATIENTS WITH EMF EXPOSURE SENSITIVITY. I myself get a headache if I ever put the phone near my head.  Literally immediately.  I have no doubt this is a growing and concerning problem. 


  • Swap out wireless devices for wired versions – this includes wireless baby monitors, cordless phones, or wireless smart meters
  • Use wired internet connection whenever possible (ethernet on your lap top)
  • Keep cell phones on airplane mode most of the time
  • Never put a cell phone next to your head
  • Keep your cell phone an arm’s length away (especially when the battery is low) to reduce exposure
  • Use speakerphone for voice calls — this is particularly popular on the train, during a work meeting, in a yoga class or at the movies.  For more suggestions, check out www.dontbeanidiot.com
  • Put a Ferrite Bead on your headset wire to reduce the radiation transmitting to your head.
  • Bring back letter writing, or the smoke signal.  Highly undervalued.
  • Sleep with cell phones and wireless devices away from the bed or better yet out of the bedroom entirely when you sleep.   If you can’t have it out of your room, at least place on airplane mode.
  • Throw all of your wireless devices into the sea and move to Sardinia, a blue zone island. 
  • Stick with wired headphones and avoid air pods
  • Keep cell phones off your body (not in your pocket or your bra – I mean really, radiation to the boobs??)
  • Turn WiFi router off at night – turn the interwebs OFF people….
  • Hate to tell you, but radiation levels while in the car are even higher than when NOT in the car. Which technically means, don’t use cell phones in the car.
  • Stick to texting on your smart phone and save calls for a wired connection
  • Don’t put a laptop on your body – in other words, don’t use  your “lap” top LITERALLY
  • Take frequent breaks from computer use and ground yourself in your garden or lawn (that means walk barefoot outside every once in a while)
  • Sleep under a special bed canopy that blocks out the microwave radiation from local cell phone towers and wireless “smart” meters.
  • Unplug everything in your bedroom at night.
  • Keep cell phones, iPads and other electronics out of your bedroom

Check out this website for more details: https://www.emfanalysis.com/basic-steps/

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